Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cole's 1st Birthday

Cole loved his birthday, mainly just the cupcake. He didn't want to pick up the cupcake, he just wanted to bend down and put his mouth on it. Goofy boy.

Emma's Baptism

Emma was baptized on October 11th. It was such a great day. We are so proud of her. She was so excited to get baptized, and little nervous too. Emma is so sweet and so cute. My dad always carves a bird for the kids when they turn 8 and get baptized. Emma was glad that it was her turn to get a bird of her own. I can't believe our kids are getting so big. WOW! Two down, two to go.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday between sessions of conference we went to Lorenzo (about 8 miles) and got pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. It's really cool because you get to hunt and pick any pumpkin you want and no matter what size they are $1.00 Pretty exciting stuff out here in Nebraska!


We got a swingset free from someone in the ward that got given a nicer one from someone else- the donated swingset chain- :) The kids have been loving having something outside to play on. Lyndsey in particular loves to be out there ALL the time and show me all the new tricks she's learned. Hopefully we have a couple more weeks of good weather that we can enjoy it.